Make Money Uploading Pictures

Published July 17, 2014 by makemoneyuploading101

1Have you ever clicked on an image or a thumbnail that lead you to a gallery after experiencing a short 3-5 second advertisement ? Well that persons image that you clicked on is more than likely earning commissions because of the simple fact that you clicked that image. In reality though, you can make money uploading pictures as well, even if you don’t want to go through the headache of selling those pictures.

How Does It Work

There’s an abundance of companies out there that pay individuals for uploading pictures and driving traffic to them. Imgchilli, Imagetwist and ImgFlare for example, pays up to $6 for every thousand views that an image that you uploaded receives. The process of uploading your pictures is fairly simple, first you gather the pictures that you wish to upload, then you register for an account.

After that, you can begin the process of uploading those pictures. For each picture that you upload you will be given a link that when clicked upon, will display a short 3-5 second intermittent advertisement before it displays your hosted image. You will get paid for every 1000 views that link generates.

Where Would I Post It?

One of the most effective ways of making money this way is by hyper linking an image with one of the links that you’ve gotten from the image company that is paying per thousand views. So whenever someone clicks that image, they will be redirected through that link to the gallery that you uploaded on the image host’s website and thus you will get paid. When it comes to posting the image, one of the most effective solutions are forums. As far as the forum goes, you can implement the hyperlink concept in a forum that allows you to upload pictures such as anime art, abstract art and amateur photography for example.

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